Anaconda Wire Site / Chapman University Information Sheet

by anacondawiresite1

How We Will Keep You Informed:


*added 4/2/2014*

For additional information, please contact Kris Olsen, Vice President of Campus Planning & Operations, One University Dr., Orange, CA 92866, or at or  714 744 7880.


We will use many tools to keep you informed and involved about the hazardous waste cleanup work on the Anaconda Wire Site. These may include:

E-Mail and Telephone Contacts:

If you have questions about this site, this plan, or would like additional information, please call, write, or e-mail:

Mark Hickner

Community Involvement Coordinator

c/o KTGY Group

17922 Fitch Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 268-8530

Fax: (949) 221-6251



Jason Gavin

Project Manager c/o KTGY Group 17922 Fitch Irvine, CA 92614

(949) 567-3459

Fax: (949) 221-6251



Fact Sheets: Fact sheets summarizing key information will be developed as needed and updated at least annually.

Public Notices: Public notices in local publications will be used initially to inform the public about the website and in the future to inform the public about major site activities with detailed information to be made available on the website.

Website: Project information including fact sheets and background information can be found at the following Website:

Meetings: Meetings will be held initially and periodically with representatives from the City of Orange, local community organizations and university faculty, staff and student leaders.